Lyrics For You’re Amazing

You're Amazing - Fun Songs for FamiliesAmazing Kids

Music & Lyrics by Judy Caplan Ginsburgh

When I was young, I knew that I wanted to sing a song.
And as I grew I learned to sing, and have you sing along.

Chorus: If you dream it, don’t just dream it
You can do it if you try.
You can be whatever you want to be.
‘Cause you’re amazing
Yes, you’re amazing
You can do it if you try.
You’re amazing
Yes, you’re amazing
It’s a fact you can’t deny.

When you are young, you learn many things
To see what you do best.
And then one day, you’ll discover the thing you do better than all the rest.


My Body is Part of Me

By: Peter & Ellen Allard
New lyrics by: Judy Caplan Ginsburgh

This is my head, now touch your head (2x)
My head is part of my body
And my body is part of me
And I’m as happy as can be.
Doo, doo, doo, doo, doo…..

(Substitute the following body parts and list in backwards order: eye, nose, mouth, ear, hand, leg)

This is also a great song to do to teach body parts in other languages

Rub A Dub Dub

By: Dean Friedman

Wash your hands before you eat
Scrub them good and take a seat
‘Cause if you eat with dirty hands
Those germs will make their nasty plans.

Chorus: So, rub a dub dub (rub a dub dub)
Wash and scrub (wash and scrub)
You can’t see them, but germs are real
So, wash your hands before every meal.

Those invisible germs will wiggle and slide
They’ll squish and squirm as they crawl inside
They’ll do their dirty work so quick
They’ll make you ill, they’ll make you sick


So, grab a great big bar of soap
Wash your hands, don’t be a dope
Those slimy germs are ugly and mean
But they can’t get you if your hands are clean


Gonna Plant A Garden

Music & Lyrics by: Judy Caplan Ginsburgh

Chorus: I’m gonna plant a garden in my back yard (3x)
Help me plant my garden.

Add the following verses:
The sun will shine in my backyard…shine all around my garden

The bees will buzz in my backyard…buzz all around my garden

The wind will blow in my backyard…blow all around my garden

I’m gonna water the plants in my backyard…water all around my garden

I’m gonna put a scary scarecrow in my backyard…to scare all the bad things from my garden

The flowers will grow in my backyard…grow tall in my garden.

Line Song

By: Billy B

Well, a line needs a leader, It needs a caboose
It needs to stay straight, and it needs to be loose
Don’t push, don’t shove, Just take your time
And you walk, walk, walk in your line
Yea, you walk, don’t talk, Walk in your line

The whole class has to go from here to there
The teacher has to know just whose where
So, somebody’s first and somebody’s last
And in between, you got the rest of the class

A line needs a leader……..

Stories Are Our Friends

By: Judy Caplan Ginsburgh

Chorus: Stories are our friends, Stories never end
Take a closer look at a good, good book

With books you can open up your mind
You can be a super hero or travel through time
You can be rock star in a band
You can even travel to a foreign land


You can be anything you want to be
You can fly to the moon or sail the sea
You can be a detective or circus clown
Books are fun to have around.


Share, Share, Share

Josh Nelson & Judy Caplan Ginsburgh

Well, I was out on the playground and I felt like playing ball
I went over to the others, but they wouldn’t let me play at all
Well along came a teacher and she told us all something new
She said, “Share, share, share and things will work out for you.”

You gotta share, share, share if you want things to go your way (2x)
So, listen to what I say to you, Sharing is the only thing to do
You gotta share, share, share and thing will work out for you.

Well, back in my class I was doing some arts and crafts
When the thing I was building came down with a great big crash
So, I asked my friend is I could share his glue
He said, “OK, I’ll be happy to share with you.”

You gotta share, share, share…

Colors in My World

By: Judy Caplan Ginsburgh

There are colors all around
Colors like a rainbow
Lots of colors in my world

There is blue for the sky, Where the birds fly way up high….

There is yellow for the sun, When it shines we play and have fun….

There is green for the grass, Where we really shouldn’t throw trash….

There is red for the flowers, They grow tall when the rain showers….

Sing A Song About A Rainbow

By: Karen Daniel

Chorus: Sing a song about a rainbow of everlasting love.
Sing a song about a rainbow and a promise from above.

Yesterday I was caught in the rain soaking wet from my head to my toe
Then I remembered a story I’d heard about Noah so long ago
People knew what would happen if they didn’t listen, but only Noah obeyed
So, God sent the rain to fall down on the earth ’till all the evil was washed away


For 40 days and 40 nights all it ever did was rain.
God gave us a rainbow as a promise it would never happen again
Now life is a test, we all try our best, But it’s hard to know right from wrong
Just ask the question “Has a lesson been learned?”
And remember to sing this song


Opposite Blues

By: Vincent Nunes

I’ll be in and I’ll be out…. I’ll be in and out before the sun goes down

I’ll be big and I’ll be small…

I’ll be noisy and I’ll be quiet….

I will frown and then I’ll smile…..


Music: Traditional; Lyrics: Judy Caplan Ginsburgh

There was a man lived in the swamp
In the swamp, in the swamp
There was a man lived in the swamp
And his name was Thibodeaux

His hair was made of Spanish moss
Spanish moss, Spanish moss
His hair was made of Spanish moss
And his name was Thibodeaux

(Add the following and list in backwards order:
eyes were made of pralines; nose was made of a hushpuppy; mouth was made of a hot pepper; beard was made of crawfish)

I wrote this song to help children learn about Louisiana’s rich heritage.


By Laz Slomovitz

I will plant seeds of joy in my heart each day
Water them, care for them and watch them grow
In my heart each day
I will plant seeds of joy in my heart each day.

(substitute love and peace for joy)

Five Little Fish

One little fish swimming in the sea
Splishin’ and a splashin’ rockin’ to the beat
Here comes another one
Say hello
Two little fish swimming in a row.

(Continue the song adding one fish and number each verse until you have five)

Five little fish……………rockin’ to the beat
Five little fish swimming in a row
Let’s wave goodbye ’cause now it’s time to go (2x)