Concerts, Workshops & Residencies



Judy offers concerts for schools, libraries, synagogues, community centers, festivals, etc. on a variety of themes. She has been creating concerts for summer reading programs and schools since 1987 and can tailor a concert to almost any theme you might choose.  Judy  can accompany herself on guitar and piano, but when working with children she performs either a ccapela, with an accompanist or a sound track CD which allows her the freedom to interact with the audience and, on occasion, to share her beautiful gift of sign language.

Some of Judy’s most requested concerts are:

SING ALONG: An interactive, 45 minute show especially for younger children featuring songs about music, reading, values and self worth.  Great for an end of the year assembly or community concert!  Pre-K – elementary

MUSICAL AMERICA: A one-hour participatory journey through American history featuring informative narrative and 16 songs.  This show (which has been performed over 200 times) has received rave reviews from parents, teachers and students alike.  A great way to teach history.  Includes a study guide and CD for follow up learning.  A true arts in education experience!  Grades 1-6

HAVDALAH PAJAMA CONCERTS:   A concert especially for Jewish families featuring favorite Jewish songs and new ones which make you proud to be Jewish.  Judy performs in her pajamas and encourages the entire audience to come in their PJs ready to snuggle up with their teddy or mom and dad.  Includes a brief Havdalah service before the concert.  Lots of participation and great fun!  Pre-K – elementary.  This pajama concert can also be performed with songs for non-Jewish audiences as well.

CONCERTS OF JEWISH MUSIC:   Judy is a trained cantorial soloist and performs a vast repertoire of Jewish music from cantorial to Yiddish, from Israeli to contemporary.  Judy can bring the beauty and history of Jewish music from around the world to your community.  Judy is recognized worldwide not only for her magnificent and beautiful voice, but also for her ability to convey liturgy in the expressive language of sign.  Judy offers music and leadership for worship services, life-cycle events, fundraising concerts, Artist-in-Residence weekends and much more!

ADULT CONCERTS – MUSIC FROM THE HEART Judy and her accompanist perform for Community Concert Series, special events, and fundraisers, at coffeehouses, festivals, and private parties.  These concerts feature easy-listening music including standards, Broadway favorites, pop and country.  Judy’s versatile voice allows her to sing a variety of musical styles with ease.


Judy is nationally respected for her educational, participatory and inspiring keynotes and workshops for teachers.  She specializes in teaching teachers who work with early childhood and elementary aged children.  Judy has presented at NAEYC (numerous times), National Headstart, CAJE, SDE and numerous other national, regional and state conferences throughout North America.  Workshops typically run from 60 minutes to 3 hours, but full or half day workshops for teacher in-service can be arranged as well.  Judy’s keynotes and workshops are always interactive and give participants immediately usable tools and resources to bring back to their classrooms.

In addition to the specific workshops listed below, Judy also offers workshops on sign language, musical instruments from around the world, Kwanzaa, Chanukah or other Jewish holidays and traditions.

Some of Judy’s most requested workshops are:

BE A SUPER TEACHERThis workshops motivates teachers to teach through all the senses, to teach the whole child, and to use creative techniques to discipline and enjoy what they do.

TEACHING CURRICULUM THROUGH MUSICThis workshop shows by example ways teachers can use music to teach each area of the curriculum from history to language arts to science to math.  Designed for elementary school teachers.

A FLOWER IS AN EDUCATED WEED: In this participatory workshop, teachers will learn how to help children gain control over themselves with musical activities for a variety of transition and discipline situations.  Learn how to set your classroom up for success and discover Judy’s 10 Commandments for Working with Young Children.

MUSIC ALL THROUGH THE DAYLearn how to teach anything with music.  This workshop concentrates on various early childhood themes using music as a catalyst or a “wrap up” for any subject or learning skill.  Designed for early childhood teachers.

ACTIVITY SONGS THAT TEACH:  This workshop provides hands-on examples of activity songs that teach skills and concepts, and  enhance fine and gross motor movement, coordination, and listening skills.

MAKING BOOKS COME ALIVEReal examples for teaching creatively using literature, music easy props and lots of creativity.  For early childhood teachers.

MULTICULTURAL MUSICJudy has spent years collecting primitive and unusual instruments from countries around the world.  She will teach geography, history, sociology, music, science and more through these rate and wonderful (mostly hand crafted) instruments from the Americas, Africa, India, Indonesia, China and Europe.

WORKSHOPS FOR JEWISH TEACHERSJudy offers a wide variety of workshops specifically for Jewish teachers featuring Early Childhood Music, Learning The Prayers Through Sign Language, Learning Hebrew Through Music, Using Music to Teach Curriculum, etc.


Judy has many years of experience presenting both short and long-term residencies in schools.  Most of her residencies are designed for children in pre-school or elementary grades.  All residencies have the option of ending with a culminating concert.  Judy is adept at writing grants for schools and non-profit organizations for arts-in-educations experiences, workshops and residencies.  She is happy to work with you to complete a successful grant application should funding be needed.  All residencies are structured to work with your individual school’s time frame and budget.

YOU’VE GOT THE MUSIC IN YOUAn interactive residency in which children learn hands-on about the basic principles of music – melody, rhythm, harmony, resonance, pitch and dynamics.  They are introduced to a wide variety of folk and orchestral instruments and make instruments of their own.  They also explore the wonders of their own body as an instrument through participatory exercises.

PROJECT SAVE THE EARTH: A whole school, hands-on residency which uses the creative arts as a vehicle to teach students care and appreciation for our world and all living things.  Each group (grade) concentrates on a special theme and creates a project during the course of the residency.  This residency can also be done with one or two selected groups of children.

MUSICAL AMERICA: This residency closely follows the 5th grade American history curriculum.  Judy will share songs that helped shape America’s history.  Learn about America from the colonies to Westward expansion, from the Revolutionary War to the present through the music that is America.  A study guide and CD for follow-up study will be given to each school Judy visits.

SINGING AND SIGNING: A participatory residency which introduces students to the beautiful and real world of sign language.  Students will become sensitive to the needs of others, learn about the history and development of sign language, learn the sign alphabet and basic vocabulary and how to sign 3-4 songs.