A Jewish Trip to India

During most of the month of February, I visited the amazing country of India. Thirteen modes of transportation including an elephant, a rickshaw and a sudan chair and 9 flights in 3 weeks provided a whirlwind trip of a lifetime. I also visited over a dozen different synagogues (most no longer used regularly) and even led Shabbat services at one of them in Kolkata (Calcutta). In addition to Kolkata, I spent time in Mumbai, Cochin, Jaipur, Delhi and Agra. I saw Hindu Temples including a Jain Temple, a Sikh Temple that feeds over 20,000 people each day and a 7th century Hindu Shiva Temple carved into a cave. When many people think of India, they think of filth and poverty. Yes, there is poverty and sometimes the outside is not very clean, but the culture is vibrant and everyone is happy. Everyone is content with what they have. I felt uplifted and exhilarated while I was there. We met some wonderful people and saw some awesome sites. I heard no complaining (except from people in our tour group). It was great to see people happy and it made me feel at peace. This was my second trip to India and I would highly recommend a visit. It is a magical country.

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