“Your concert was the perfect way to initiate our new Children’s Arts Fund…You had children on stage, the adults clapping and singing and our honoree in tears. What a beautiful show with props and the fun pajama party theme. It was an ideal experience for our families. Thanks also for graciously agreeing to conduct a workshop for our early childhood educators. Please know that many of these teachers, some real veterans, came up to me the next day and said that it was the best workshop they had ever attended. Our teachers learned so much from you.”  – Carol Folkerth, Associate Executive Director, JCC, Columbus, OH

“For over an hour the audience was completely captivated. The audience included preschool children through 5th graders, parents, teachers and grandparents. Yes, “children” of all ages had a wonderful time…it was a disappointment that the program had to end! Judy Caplan Ginsburgh’s concerts are fun for all. With audience interaction and participation we were all involved. (This) proved to be one of the best children’s programs our Book Fair has ever experienced. – Sandy Saada, Assistant Director, Cultural Arts Buffalo JCC

“Judy was able to captivate the audience with her performance and her songs and, more importantly, she was able to spur them to participate and ultimately to learn something in the process.”  – Steve Bradley, Museum Director

“Rarely have I seen a congregation come to life so beautifully as when Judy is the presenter of Jewish song and spirit.”  – Rabbi David Goldstein, Rabbi Emeritus, Touro Synagogue, New Orleans, LA

“It was so special to have you be a part of our Simchat Torah service. Your spiritual essence, as well as your beautiful voice, created a very memorable evening. I know everyone was touched by your Misheberach and the artistry of your signing…..I feel like your presence really added tremendous depth to our worship. In a congregation largely unaware of the musical possibilities within our religion, you certainly made people aware of what we are missing! ….. Thank you for the dedication and love of our religion that brought you to us last night.”   – Wendy Herschman, Religious School Director

“Judy gave a concert full of happy energy that had children listening enthusiastically and adults sighing in admiration. Using her beautiful, clear voice and props galore, Judy mesmerized us……Judy made each child feel a special part of the concert. Everyone had a turn in helping her on stage…..We listened and laughed and participated.”  – Pabby Arnold, Supervisor of Children’s Services, East Baton Rouge Parish Libraries

“We all agreed that your musical presentation was the best program of the summer — definitely ‘gold medal’ quality.”  – Shirley Henry, Children’s Librarian, Broadmoor Library

“It was such joy to see a room full of children and their parents so thoroughly enjoying themselves together….your singing held everyone in the store so captive that the sales staff almost forgot to sell and the children had so much fun that they forgot to misbehave!”  – Judi Erbelding, Children’s Coordinator, Audubon Court Books, Milwaukee, WI

This is a singable, likeable and fun recording! An inviting mix of children’s songs to brighten the day. Easy-to-learn lyrics, catchy tunes and beautiful rounds make this recording perfect for the classroom, family gatherings, or trips in the car. Lyrics are enclosed in the decorative CD booklet. You and your kids will love it!  – A fan from California writing about the Amazing Kids CD

“Your Musical America program is one of the best I have ever seen at our school. What a great way to learn about history. Not only did the students learn, but the teachers did too!”  – An elementary school principal

“Our first grade classes loved your Sing Along [recording]. They gave it an enthusiastic A+.”  – Early Childhood Magazine